Il Saggio - Silver Ring
Il Saggio - Silver Ring

Il Saggio - Silver Ring

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“Color is a power which directly influences the soul” - Wassily Kandinsky

Each color offers a distinct meaning:
Red - The lover’s rose, signifying enduring passionWhite - The peaceful daisy, signifying pure innocence
Yellow - The blooming sunflower, signifying joy
Blue - The caring iris, signifying trust

Flowers, but roses in particular have had a strong part to play in history. Christian symbolism has helped to play that part. A white, thornless rose, for instance, was chosen to symbolize the Virgin Mary, to depict her purity, untainted by sin.

Throughout western history, flowers have marked their presence in many cultures, but one particular symbol stands out in almost all the examples: love. Roses are very commonly known to depict true, courtly and eternal love.

As such, roses and their various colors might have had more impact than we might realise. Their various colors show different feelings, and their impact varies accordingly.

The Saggio ring, ode to the impact of these roses, combines the different meanings into one, and as such can be seen as the perfect mixture of all, making it the symbol of life itself - it is complete and therefore holds all we know.

Il Saggio, as color, directly influences the soul.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weigth: ± 12.0 Grams
- Girati premium storage box
- Travel bag
- Lifetime warranty

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